An overview of the faculty who teach in the Penn State Smeal Master of Finance Program
The Penn State Smeal Master of Finance enables students to work closely with distinguished professors who couple world-renowned research expertise with practical knowledge and experience. These award-winning teachers, researchers, consultants, and authors specialize in bringing complex business concepts to life.

MFIN Faculty

Jess Cornaggia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance

Robert Everett, Ph.D.
Senior Instructor of Finance

Louis Gattis, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Finance

Andy Gustafson, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Cheryl Horton, MBA
Teaching Support Specialist

William Kracaw, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance, David and Shirley Sykes Professor, Department Head of Finance

Tony Kwasnica, Ph.D.
Professor of Risk Management, Director of Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions

Jason Lunn, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance and MCF program faculty director

Liang Peng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Real Estate and King Faculty Fellow

Sajay Samuel, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Accounting

Tim Simin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance, Smeal Research Fellowship in Finance

James Thomas, Ph.D.
Professor, The William Elliott Professorship of Risk and Management

Svetla Vitanova, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor of Finance

Suzanne Wright
Associate Teaching Professor of Accounting